Clark County Jail Las Vegas Nevada


Clark County Nevada jail serves the largest metropolitan area of Nevada, including the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise and Mesquite. The Sheriff’s department of Clark County is busy with the safety and protection of nearly 2.5 million Nevada residents. In order to accommodate the population of this area, special monetary resources have been dedicated to the Clark County detention services. Las Vegas Nevada values its attractive venues, but there is a great need for special law enforcement in regions like Clark County. The Clark County Jail processes all misdemeanors and felonies in the area surrounding Las Vegas.

Hundreds of people are booked into the Clark County jail system each day. It is important to be aware of the Nevada State procedures when locating people who have been introduced into the Nevada law enforcement system.

Clark County Jail Las Vegas Nevada
Clark County Jail Las Vegas Nevada

What Is The Clark County Jail In Las Vegas?

This Las Vegas detention center operates on a strict policy described by its “PRIDE” protocol.

P– prevention and disruption of crime and terrorism
R– recruitment and development of law enforcement personnel
I– initiation of timely and open communication with the public
D– development and implementation of solutions for traffic and public safety
E– effective use of law enforcement technology

Based on these protocols, the Clark County Nevada Jail is always open to public inquiry and interaction. It is often the case that people who are booked into this center are awaiting pre-trial designation. The facility lawfully sees to the needs of inmates awaiting processing and the concerns of their immediate family. Telephone and financial conveniences are maintained at this facility for all inmates.

Where Is The Clark County Jail In Las Vegas Located?

The headquarters of the detention center serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas is located at 330 South Casino Center Boulevard in Las Vegas. The direct detention center switchboard number is 702.671.3900. The telephone and dispatch service is maintained 24 hours every day and can direct all calls to specific detention center services. An easy way to find the Clark County Jail while in Las Vegas Nevada is to travel South along South Casino Center Boulevard from the Four Queens Hotel and Casino. It is just north of State Highway 159 and abuts S. Main on the east side of I-15.

What Happens To A Clark County Jail Detainee?

All detainees of the Clark County Jail are made aware of their rights in the legal system. They are conscientiously transported from a scene to the safety of the central detention center in metro Las Vegas, and are booked according to Nevada State law. This procedure includes belongings and body searches, fingerprinting, and the issuance of institutional garb if it is necessary.

Each detainee is made aware of his or her rights to the use of communications stations to aid in the resolution of an offense. All detainees, no matter the degree of offense, is registered in a national directory of police information for future referencing. Each detainee is held in the highest degree of human rights, and has the right to be free from hazing, undo search, and criminal sexual activity while on the premises. Each detainee is processed and detained according to the offense. The vast majority of Clark County Jail resources are in place to house misdemeanors while bail is posted and fines are issued.

How Do I Find Find Someone Who Is In The Clark County Jail?

All new Las Vegas and surrounding detainee information is posted on the detention center website within 24 hours of booking. This is amended for detainees under the age of majority. The information for their status can be obtained be calling the listed telephone number, or an in-person inquiry by family members. Every effort has been made to make the detention center accessible with modern modes of communication per the directives of the institution’s motto. The Nevada law enforcement community realizes the great advantage of technology while safely and humanly processing detainees in the local judiciary.

How Do I Get A Detainee Out Of The Clark County Jail In Las Vegas Nevada?

Adult detainees in the Clark County Jail can be found by entering certain pieces of information into the center’s online help desk. The site will require full name and ID numbers, or names and case numbers in instances where IDs are not relevant. It is assumed that all detainees are held for a period before sentencing and other processing through the Nevada State criminal system. While being incarcerated, all detainees are entitled to the telephone, and financial and legal advice allowances set forth by Nevada statutes. Once in the custody of the Clark County Jail, all Las Vegas detainees can be located and processed for release through inquiries by next of kin and personal legal representation.

Clark County Jail Las Vegas Nevada
Clark County Jail Las Vegas Nevada